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serious, because budgets -- >> you're not going to repeal obama care. >> budgets are blue prints and priorities. we lay out. we think obama care should be repealed. the majority of americans agree with us. but we also think tax reforms should happen so you can grow the economy. if you allow these debts to continue to grow, they crowd out the private sector, crowd out the opportunity for small businesses to grow. that's why the economy continues to linger. if we are able to balance the budget, which ours does in ten years, you will unshack this will growth in america. >> david, it's worse than that. their budget is built on a hoax. on the one hand, they say it balances in ten years. on the other hand, they say they'd repeal obama care. the fact is they repeal all the benefits of obama care, the things that help provide affordable health care to millions more americans. but you know what, they keep the savings in obama care, and if you were to repeal obama care today, their budget would not be in balance. now, kevin has said that our budget will never balance. we believe that our p
obama from earlier in the week talking about the budget and the fact that we basically need to raise more revenue. then we will hear from senator john tune. let's go with tape number one. >> i voted for the first three nominees by the president. partisanship.out i have allowed the president to take his political appointees, but i will not sit quietly and let him shred the constitution. i cannot sit at my desk quietly and let the president say that he will kill americans on american soil who are not actively attacking a country. the country needs more senators who care about liberty. but if mr. paulus to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than -- but if mr. paul wants to be taken serious a, he needs to do more than -- he needs to know more about what he is talking about. >> ok, that was not president obama. we talked earlier this week about this gigolo story. senator mccain did not have quite the respect for senator paul's filibuster as many others did. what is your take on what happened last week? >> i think senator paul is one of the most fascinating figures in the republican p
. will charm be enough to bridge the differences in the battle of the budget? president obama reaches out to all members of congress just as house republicans and senate democrats come out with dramatically different blueprints for our fiscal future. what are the chances for a compromise? we will ask two is senators leading the debate, democrat dick durbin and republican bob corker. then, republican at a crossroads. as conservative activists gather in washington, gop leaders argue about the future of the party. we'll discuss differences within the gop with matt kibbie of freedom works and former congressman steve latourette of the republican mainstream partnership. >>> the u.s. responds to north korean threats by beefing up its missile defense as the president heads to israel. we will ask our sunday panel whether mr. obama has the right answers to foreign policy challenges around the world. and our power player of the week. a celebrity chef combines the classic with the cutting edge. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: hello again and happy st. patrick's day from fox news in was
in obama care. if you would repeal obama care today, their budget would not be in balance. >> you saw him there, the democratic congressman, the top democrat on the committee. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> in the past hour, you announced what you're calling a house democratic budget alternative. first of all, what is it and how is it different from the previous plan offered by the senate? >> well, it is similar to the senate plan. in other words, we also focus on job creation and accelerating the economy right now. then we address the long term budget deficit in a balanced way where we ask for shared responsibility as opposed to the republican plan which provides another tax break wind fall to very wealthy people at the end of everybody else. the expense of the middle class, the expense of commitments to seniors. so our focus right now is to number one, do no harm to the economy. number two, invest in a jobs plan that will help put people back to work. whether building roads or bridges or infrastructure or other things important to our economy. >> why will it take until 2040
paul ryan has got a budget. barack obama hasn't released one yet but, i don't know what the schedule will look like on the budget going forward it is still, it is controlled chaos right now. bill: what i see on the calendar is maybe late summer, if you want to get a deal together. i think that is what he was refering to on sunday. but you also have paul ryan saying that the debt is not an immediate crisis. and that was pretty much a headline that came out of one of his interviews. i will talk about john boehner in a moment here. how did you remark on the way ryan categorized that? >> look, i think he is basically right. technically we're not in a debt crisis. we don't have world markets plummeting. cats are not sleeping with dogs. it is not armageddon which is what a real debt crisis looks like. cypress is in a debt crisis but as paul ryan likes to say, the debt crisis that is coming and it is coming is the most predictable crisis in american history. the way i think about it, like being diagnosed with a time more. the doctor says, it is stage 1, it is not a crisis but you have to ch
senate democrats have failed to pass a budget in four years. and president obama refuses to submit his budget on time to the american people. with our national debt now exceeding $16 trillion and our country is on an unsustainable path. mrs. wagner: that's why house republicans released a plan that balances our budget in 10 years with smart reforms and cuts. this budget will cut wasteful spending, reform our broken tax code, protect and strengthen our national security, and repair our social safety net to make sure that they are strong and sustainable for future generations. in stark contrast senate democrats introduced a budget that raises taxes by an additional $1 trillion, adds $4 trillion to our national debt, and sets a course that never, ever balances the budget. instead of raising taxes and taking more of your hard-earned money, it's time we start fighting for nurses, teachers, carpenters, and shop owners and stop throwing government and giving away taxpayer bailouts that only results in less money in our pocket and mortgaging of our children's future. mr. speaker, i yield back.
in the big battle in 2011, the budget control act, was obama wanted to keep spending and he needed the debt ceiling to be increased because he was spending so much money. republican said, ok, we will raise the debt ceiling for the country does not default, but only if you agree for a dollar for dollar reduction in spending over the next decade. and so, yet $2.50 trillion of spending restraint -- not real cuts but spending less than obama had hoped. in washington that is called a cut. if you wanted 10 of something and you only got eight of something, you say i got cut two. if you actually walk away with eight. so, that was a $2.50 trillion spending reduction over the next decade. it has not happened yet. we have several problems facing us. the trillion dollars in the obamacare tax increases that hit this decade, that begin to hit now. oddly enough, the president and the democrats in the house and senate decided to put the tax increases, the bulk of them, after the 2012 elections. so, everybody voted and now the tax increases hit. it is not helpful for the economy and i think it is going to b
. >> and the hangover of the paul ryan budget. that would disproportionately -- >> and also obama care which is amazingly popular. incredibly popular among african-americans, latinos and asian americans and the republicans want to repeal it, still. >> and eugene is right. it goes back to the central problem in the autopsy. and that is, this is, they're approaching this as a marketing problem. and that somehow if we change the color of the cereal box, that inside the cereal will taste much better and sell better. this isn't about hiring more walmart greeters, right? this is about having them come into communities with a different message. that's what's going to be fundamentally hard. look, i -- took part in a really long, tough primary in 2007 and 2008 with hillary clinton. it went the distance. but it wasn't a divisive ideological prime. it was about who was going to be the salesman against never before african-american candidate and a never before female candidate at that level. and these guys are having a very, very different, as you can see from those clips, this is fundamentally and ideo
, the budget control act, was that obama wanted to keep spending, and he needed the debt ceiling to be increased because he'd spent so much money. and the republicans said, okay, we'll raise the debt ceiling is so the country doesn't default, but only if you agree to a dollar-for-dollar reduction in spending over the next decade. and so we got $2.5 trillion in spending restraint. not real cuts, spending less than obama had hoped in. in washington that's called a cut. if you wanted ten of something and you only got eight of something, you go i got cut too. actually, you walked away with eight. but, so that was a $2.5 trillion spending reduction over the next decade. it hasn't happened yet. we're still, we have several problems facing us. the trillion dollars in obamacare tax increases that hit this decade, that begin to hit now. oddly enough, the president and the democrats in the house and senate decided to put the tax increases, the bulk of them after the 2012 election. so everybody voted, and now the tax increases hit. it's not helpful for the economy, and i think it's going to
republicans the president to work with them on a balanced budget. oklahoma congressman james langford on why that is not good enough for obama. >> plus, should the republican party take a different direction to attract women and minority voters? >> we need to call out the hypocrisy on the left. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: thank you very much and happy st. patrick's day weekend to everybody. i wore the tie just for the occasion. only weekend of the whole year i get to wear it so i hope you like it. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. my first trip to israel occurred nearly 40 years ago in july 1973. just a couple of months before the yom kippur war i was a teenager at the time. i purchase a map and ask the people there to open the map and show me where israel is. israel is not on the map. interesting, isn't it? israelis are asked to make peace with the people who refuse to acknowledge their existences. israel is condemned for its construction of a security wall but until it was erected it was common for terrorists to strap bombs to the
industry and now killing it and not the way to run a railroad. >> can we really consider the ryan budget if obama care is not going to be repealed, can we all agree on that? and he is taking the money and not taking the cost? i mean, his premise is wrong. >> well, his premise -- you can keep the revenue and not have the program. there is falls in the numbers but leave that for another day. ryan wants to cut us to two tax rates 25% and 10%. that has been scored now as being incredibly regressive and puts a huge amount of money in the hands of the wealthy. ryan says he will propose tax loophole closings and preforms level that playing field but the math probably doesn't work and he hasn't specified about what they are. >> what about tax reform? something president obama and the republicans in congress all say they want to do. with would that be a place to start? >> everybody wants corporate tax reform. our system is broken. it creates the wrong incentives and leads to more jobs yaever s overseas. it has to come as part of a bigger package it to get the numbers to work and the bigger packag
they trusted more on budget issues voters trusted the democrats by 35%. it is a bigger margin than the margin of victory for president obama in november. the republicans 30%. that is on trust, that is as they say in the trade a big deal. the national republican committee today issued a scathing self critique of the republican party recent failures focus groups describe republicans as narrowminded, out of touch. $1.2 billion last year in the last presidential election alone and the future of the g.o.p. understanding you can't get it done just with money. as a result, the republican national committee has decided to pour resources into its ground game targeting youth and women and hispanics and other minorities while focusing on making the party's message more inclusive and open to different views. i don't know what they paid for the study, but that is kind of vague, don't you think? he had this to say to me last year. >> we can have all the voter contact in the world, but if it is not over a long period of time, it is not going to work so what we saw was mitt romney ran a pretty good six month
with tax reform and the budget. right now homeowners deduct $100 billion in interest payments each year on their mortgages. proposals from the obama administration and some in congress would reduce that by capping itemized deductions, particularly for wealthier families by reducing the size of a mortgage eligible for the deduction like congressman ellison's legislation would do or eliminating the deduction for mortgages on second homes as the housing market continues a fragile recovery, trade groups are fighting back. >> the mortgage interest deduction is the biggest incentive for americans' largest wealth generator and that's their home. we don't think it should be touched. however, everything is on the table when it comes to tax reform. >> home builders, realtors and mortgage lenders are expected to ramp up their lobbying efforts even mores on this debate continues in washington but some officials are bracing for some limits on the mortgage interest deduction. dagen: thank you, peter. connell: you'll here about this coming up. more and more people dipping into retirement plans to make
.s. constitution. no budget for four years? [applause] no budget for four years is not just bureaucratic bumbling. governmentthat is refusing to declare what it intends to do with the people's money. barack obama promised the most transparent administration ever. obama, you lie. [applause] there is a direct correlation between the senate stubbornly refusing to pass the budget and the senate selfishly agreeing to go ahead and spend our children's and grandchildren's money. it is time to get outraged about this. never before have our challenges been so big and our leaders so small. when we were here last year the words on everyone's lips and the wish in your heart was for barack to pack up and bubble wrap the nobel and high tops and head back to chicago. the election came and went but the campaign never stopped. but our country is desperate for but our country is desperate for leadership we get instead a permanent campaign. leaders take risks for the good of our country. leaders reached across political differences. campaigners double down on those differences. leaders seek to bring americans chal
made in mexico. now this, president obama agriculture secretary tom vilsack said there would be millions of dollars in economic losses is serious public health cuts because budget cuts would force the department offing fina agriculture to stop meat inspections, in other words when -- e.coli and salmonella your food could kill you, until this, they are forging ahead with a partnership with mexican government with food stamps, letting the world's poor know how generous our benefits are and how to get them, top republican senator jeff sessions tried to get funding for that program cut, democrats shot him down, according to a letter from secretary vilsack to sessions in last 10 year the partnership has included 100 meetings between u.s. and mexico an consulat staff, 29 health care events, and 31 round table discussions, conferences and forums in 2013 cities, money for that but mo money for food inspections for americans, and plenty of money for free food for people from other countries, that awareness program seems to be working urecord 50 million people here are on food stamps.
on their coverage of president obama? >> last week he said, no, you will not get a balanced budget for the sake of balance. he is clearly movinthe goalposts. this press seems to be ignoring it. ♪ with fidelity's new options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity option.. evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. stuart: blackberry expected to release its phone this month. apple is behind. it is nea
detectors in that home. that is your 5@5:30. >> alexis is a little hero this morning. president obama will be thousands of miles away on a very closely watched trip. doug luzader has more on the week ahead in washington. good moaning, doug. >> good morning. here on capitol hill another budget deadline is looming and air force one is about to make a long trip. israel is preparing for a presidential visit. a u.s. flag is already flying there. they are getting ared to meet with israeli p and palestinian leaders this week. it may involve fence mending more than anything. >> there are an awful lot of things to talk about iran, syria and the region generally and i am sure that peace talks for lock of them is something that will be part of the discussion. >> back at home meantime the president is expected to announce his pick for labor secretary. he is enthusiastically backed by unions. he could face a tough pass to confirmation in the senate. congress down to the final days to come up with a plan to fund the government operations beyond the deadline. so far no deal in sight. >> the presiden
reform in the budget, and right now, homeowners deduct a billion -- excuse me, a hundred billion dollars in interest payments each yore. proposals from the obama administration and others this congress reduce that by capping itemized deductions, particularly for wealthier families, reducing the size eligible for the deduction or e eliminating it on second homes. as the housing market begins the fragile recovery, trade groups fight back. >> the mortgage interest deduction is a progressive element of the tax code. maintains progressivity in any tax reform effort, the mortgage deduction does that. it vastly benefits homeowners making less than 200,000 a year. it's a middle class tax incenter for home ownership out there. >> home builders, realtors, mortgage lenders ramping up lobbying as the budget fight progresses, but some officials are bracing themselves for some limit in the deduction at some point. lori? >> that stinks, thank you. >> taxes going up and up and up, oh, peter, thanks. so as we -- check your calendar, we are four weeks from tax day. cheryl casone joining us with the one th
number. 2.3% was the amount of the budget of they is quester and it was the amount of the payroll tax reset and it was the amount of tax put on medicare devices under obama care. everybody is now saying 2.3% will destroy it. the sequester, payroll tax hike and the new tax on the medical device makers and all of those are effectively 2.3%. >> do you think it's a fibonacci thi thing? >> it's a 15th century mathematician. that's how i spend my time. >> i think it's worth it. >> this is going to be the fed week. i hear 2.3%, and does that make you feel good or bad about the growth of the country? in other words, are we -- are we getting hotter like frank blake says or can the fed say, look, you know? it's not getting hot. >> you were talking in the break about goldman sachs and deutsche bank raising the target to 1625. deutsche bank raised its gdp target to 2.3%. 2.3% in 2013. >> 2.3% and three is not the magic number. >> 2.3% and when you were going through that i was -- that was -- yeah. blew my mind. >> she has steam coming out of her ear. >> i think this is a very big issue. does the
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)